Pres. Biden: We have reached a historic economic framework

Pres. Biden: We have reached a historic economic framework

Pres. Biden speaking at the White House.

  • We have reached a historic economic framework
  • Framework is fiscally responsible, will reduce deficit
  • Framework includes historic investments in nation, people 
  • No one got everything they wanted including me
  • Our country had stopped investing in itself
  • We need to restore US competitiveness.
  • This is not about left versus right, or moderate versus progressives
  • It’s about expanding opportunity and leading the world
  • We are going to expand services for seniors
  • Investments will make our truly consequential
  • Framework agreement includes measures to help with childcare expenses
  • Framework extends middle-class tax cut
  • Bill will make significant steps to combat climate change
  • Climate deal goes beyond advanced nations
  • We will build out a 500,000 electric charging stations nationwide
  • We will make historic investments in environmental cleanup and remediation measures
  • There our 45,000 bridges that are in poor condition
  • Severe climate change events are costing US
  • Does not want to punish success but wants wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share
  • this agenda is what Americans voted for in 2020

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